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Summer Magic

Magic. It is the best word to describe this summer night. The air is cool, the sky dances with color as the sun sets, and the laughter and joy of my children playing is infectious. This is summer. My heart soars, and I try to soak in every detail, every laugh, all the joy that […]

Living Your Best Life: A Guide

In our quest for a fulfilling and meaningful life, certain principles can guide us toward living our best life. By aligning ourselves with our values, having a clear vision, and being kind to our future selves, we can create a life that not only meets our present needs but also paves the way for future […]

Loving What Is: A Journey from Resentment to Joy

My life felt unmanageable. There was so much on my plate and, frankly, I felt alone and unappreciated. I felt like I was drowning in to-do’s and resentment. This was the gist of the phone call I was having with my mom when she asked me a couple of questions that changed everything.  She had […]

Integrating New Stories: Embracing Change and Growth

In our journey of self-discovery, we’ve explored the power of the stories we tell ourselves and the importance of honoring them while intentionally choosing new narratives. Now, let’s delve into the process of integrating these new stories into our lives so they become more natural and ingrained. In our previous post, we discussed how our […]

Changing Your Story: The Path to Transformation

In our ongoing series about the stories we tell ourselves, we’ve delved into the origins of our narratives and how they often stem from a place of self-protection. But what happens when we realize that these stories no longer serve us? How do we go about changing them? If we take a closer look at […]

Navigating Our Stories: A Journey of Self-Discovery

Hey there, Welcome back to our blog. Today, I want to dive deep into a topic that’s close to my heart and, I believe, deeply resonant for many of us: the stories we tell ourselves. How often do we pause to consider the narratives that guide our lives? Those subtle yet powerful tales that shape […]

Wholeness Within: Embracing Balanced Self-Care

woman holding hands up reflecting wholeness

Explore the true meaning of self-care in ‘Wholeness Within.’ Learn about the importance of a balanced approach that embraces physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional dimensions, and discover how integrating these aspects can lead to a more fulfilled and harmonious life.

Finding True Freedom

Finding True Freedom

The fight for freedom is a fight all humans have been engaged in from the time of infancy. I remember when my oldest child was 18 months old and she was given an adorable pair of boots. She desperately wanted to wear them, but she wanted the freedom to put them on by herself. It […]

The Happiness Mindset

The Happiness Mindset

“I’ll be happy!” my 2 year old little sister sobbed as she came out of her room. She had been throwing a tantrum and had been taken to her room and told she could come out when she was ready to be happy. We laugh at the irony now, and yet I relate to that […]

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